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Q – How does Reflexology work?

A – The principle of Reflexology is that our feet mirror our body. They are covered in ‘reflex’ points which correspond to all our major organs, glands and body parts.  Applying pressure to these areas aids the body in rebalancing and healing itself.


Q – What happens in a Reflexology session?

A – At your first appointment, a full consultation will be completed, including your medical history, to establish the reasons for the Reflexology, and to ensure it is the most suitable therapy for your needs.

You will then lay on a therapy couch and, once comfortable, the treatment will start.  I begin with a foot massage which lasts about 10 minutes to ‘warm up’ and relax the feet, preparing  them for the Reflexology.  The rest of the session consists of manipulation of the reflex points on the feet and locating and working any energy imbalances.

The whole treatment lasts around 50 – 55 minutes depending on what is found.


Q – How will I feel after?

A -  Reflexology generally induces a deep sense of relaxation although you can also feel quite re-energized after a session.


Q – Is there anything I need to do or avoid after the Reflexology?

A – Yes. I will give you water to drink once the session has finished which helps flush out the toxins which the Reflexology will have helped to release.  To reap the full benefits of the Reflexology, I advise you to drink plenty of water and to try and relax for the rest of the day and to to avoid caffeine, smoking, alcohol, drugs, strenuous activity, undertaking a long drive and heavy meals for the following 24 – 48 hours.


Q – Is Reflexology suitable for children?

A – Yes it is fantastic for children, right from birth and can help them cope with all sorts of problems and the different stages of growing up as they go through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood.  The duration of the Reflexology session is adapted accordingly with young children only needing about 10 – 15 minutes worth.

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