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A wide range of holistic  and waxing treatments, all with a personal touch

Latest Offers

In addition to my Refer a Friend Discounts, the following offers are currently posted on my Facebook page


Group Distance Reiki

It is so important to look after both our mental and physical health, especially at the current time. Reiki is great in helping us with this. It is a fantastic way to support the mind and body which can be really beneficial during these uncertain times. 


As well as one to one Distance Reiki treatments, I also offer short 15 minute group sessions.  I send the energy to a maximum of 10 people on a session which is an ideal way to try Reiki if you have never experienced it before. It is also a great addition to one to one sessions, to have ‘me’ time and help rebalance your mind and body. The energy sent during Distance Reiki is effective and beneficial for everyone.

I set up the online group sessions using Zoom as an online meeting so that participants can see me but I ask you to turn off your own webcams for confidentiality. All you do for the session is join the meeting, sit or lie somewhere where you won’t be disturbed for 15 minutes, close your eyes, switch off the mind and relax.

Treat yourself or someone special to a Lockdown Experience - Group Distance Reiki

Details here.


Distance Reiki

I am still able to offer Distance Reiki treatments, find out all the details here


Updated Links

I've updated my links page with lots of useful websites promoting health and wellbeing.  There are also some for companies that supply natural body care products, find it all here


Remedial Massage

I am now able to offer Remedial Massage which helps with many common back, shoulder, neck and leg problems.  Ideal if you suffer from back pain, stiff/aching joints, whiplash, RSI, frozen shoulder or sciatica.


Details here.

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