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Distance Reiki for Couples

Reiki is an ancient healing method originating from Tibet.  The word Reiki itself means Universal Life Force Energy; this is the energy that flows throughout you, me and the rest of the world.


When our energy flows well, it promotes health and vitality but sometimes it can become sluggish or blocked which can result in illness or disease.  Reiki can assist in clearing these blockages and energy pathways thus enabling the energy to flow freely again, re-balancing the body and enabling it to function properly.


A Reiki practitioner acts as a channel for the Reiki energy to flow through and directs the energy to the receiver.  It can be directed to specific areas but it will naturally flow to places where it is needed.


Reiki has many benefits including:

Aiding relaxation

Reducing stress

Strengthening the immune system and balancing the whole body’s systems

Treating the symptoms and causes of illness

Relieving pain

Promoting self healing

Cleansing, clearing and eliminating toxins from the body

Enhancing personal awareness

Strengthening intuition and helping meditative states.


A usual Reiki treatment is most commonly given with the recipient lying on a therapy couch or bed and the Reiki practitioner placing their hands either on the receiver’s body or just above it.  However, Reiki can also be sent to someone you cannot touch; the person could just be in another room or on the other side of the world. This method uses visualisation and intention.


People can experience many different sensations during a treatment including tingling, heat and coolness; these are all perfectly normal.


If desired, sessions can be run with or without Zoom.

Prior to the treatment, you would need to complete a consultation form which I would email to you.  For the treatment itself, you only need to remove your shoes, watch and jewellery and make yourself comfortable somewhere that you won’t be disturbed, preferably lying down, but seated is fine if that’s preferred.  Ensure both you and the room are warm as your body temperature will drop when relaxed. You may wish to play some relaxing music in the background, and you may wish to set a timer for the end of the treatment. Just before the session is due to start, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and….relax.

I will start channelling and sending the Reiki and continue for the agreed time. As mentioned earlier, you may experience different sensations but that’s perfectly normal.

At the end, please have a drink of water and enjoy the feeling of peace and serenity. I will then call you at an agreed time to talk about your experience.

Playful Couple

1 hour

45 minutes
30 minutes


Full price will be charged for any appointments cancelled without 24 hours notice


Some feedback from my group Reiki sessions:

"Nikki's remote group Reiki sessions have given me a short  break of calm and tranquility, sometimes with a warm body feeling and sometimes falling asleep."

'"I would highly recommend Nikki, she has helped me remotely through a difficult time with exercise and virtual Reiki. She is caring, very knowledgeable and extremely professional.  I'm looking forward to the lockdown being lifted and visiting her for more treatment."


"I have been having twice weekly 15 min distance Reiki sessions with Nikki every week since the beginning of the lockdown & have found it to be hugely beneficial. Reiki is both healing & relaxing, I have experienced tingling in my hands & feet & have felt heat all over my body. At times I have felt very anxious & always feel much calmer afterwards & if I’m feeling tired I feel energised. I would thoroughly recommend."


"Nikki’s group Reiki session is an intensely relaxing experience, that helps to release stress, to leave you at peace with yourself. Thank you Nikki, for giving me something to look forward to, twice a week."

"During lockdown I have been doing distance reiki sessions with Nikki twice weekly, I find them extremely useful and relaxing. I had problems with my sinuses and get regular migraines which seemed to feel better following the sessions. I couldn’t recommend Nikki enough she is a fantastic and caring therapist."

"I have been attending Nikki since last year and have found her to be a good person, she is very thorough in her work and attentive, due to the covid pandemic she adapted to Reiki healing remotely I found it very useful to be a part of this, thank you so much for your help and support throughout the process and I look forward to your treatment again."

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